Electroencephalograms EEG

Electroencephalograms EEG

Electroencephalograms EEG
A test or record of brain activity produced by electroencephalography. (the measurement of electrical activity in different parts of the brain.) The procedure takes approximately one hour. The patient is asked to have clean hair and comfortable clothing. The EEG technician will place small electrically sensitive discs on the head of the patient. The patient then asked to simply relax while his/her brainwaves are monitored during the study. There is no discomfort to the patient, nor are their any side effects of this test.

Sleep Deprived EEG
The sleep deprived EEG is the same as the EEG described to the left, with added requirement that the patient must sleep no more than four hours the night before the test. The patient also must avoid any food or drinks containing caffeine the morning of the test.

Ambulatory EEG
An Ambulatory Test is long term EEG monitoring that can be done in privacy of the patient's home. The patient will ask to follow normal daily routine of activities with only a few restrictions. The patient will also be asked to keep a diary of his/her activities during monitoring for this test; Patients are required to have clean hair with no spray or oil. Patients will take their medications and eat as normal. Patients are asked to wear a button up shirt. The hook-up procedure will take one hour. The patient will go home with ambulatory recorder. The patient monitoring will be completed in approximately 48 Hours. The ambulatory recorder will be brought back to office by the patient. The EEG technician will then up load the study to computer. The ordering physicians will then read the results of study and record his /her findings.

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