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Alzheimer's Disease Pocket Guide

Alzheimer's Disease Pocket Guide

A take-along guide for families dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

When a loved one faces the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, the family is often at a loss. The shock and the pain of the news initially may cause a loss of words, thought, and ability to ask the right-questions to the attending medical professional.

Or, with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s comes a frustrating and confusing onslaught of words, medical terminology, symptoms, prescription drugs and side effects that catch families unready to ask the questions they may think of later at home.

This book is written for those who want to know more and learn more about Alzheimer’s. With pages for your notes or questions to ask at the next doctor’s appointment after each easy-to-reference A-Z section, you’ll find this book invaluable as you help your loved one through the journey of this disease.

This is the one book on Alzheimer’s you’ll reference again and again.

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Dr. T. Hemanth Rao & Ashnaa Rao

Dr. T. Hemanth Rao was born in Madras, India, living now in North Carolina for fifteen years. He has attended patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than twenty years and has participated in a large number of clinical studies on the subject over the years.

Ashnaa Rao is currently a sophomore at Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is interested in pursuing a career in medicine.



"This book was very helpful for my friends and family to better understand my disease. I learned tips on how to help tend to myself. It has made such a difference now that my friends and family have learned patience when dealing with me. I recommend this book to all Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers" - Sylvia, Patient of Dr. Rao, Charlotte, NC

"With an immediate family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this book was a clear and concise guide to the challenges everyday people struggle with once this disease is introduced into a family. It helps families navigate through unknown territory with more confidence. Although the book cannot remove the diagnosis, it does help with coping. I would recommend this book to anyone diagnosed or with a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's" - Amanda, housewife and mother of 4, Alabama

"This book was very well written and on a level that everyone can understand and appreciate. It explains the different levels of Alzheimer's and what to expect along the way. I feel that everyone needs this book that has any type of interaction with Alzheimer's patients" - Deloris, Executive Director of The Little Flower, Charlotte, NC an Assisted Living Facility